Many of the Live Oak trees planted at Bob’s Tree Arboretum come from the seeds of some very recognized Oaks. Bob himself has collected acorns from historical Oaks such as the Jim Bowie Oak, Tree of Seven Sisters, Evangeline Oak, The Spider Oak, St. John Cathedral Oak, Alamo Oaks, Majestic Oak and the Angel Oak (which is estimated to be approximately 1,400 years old). We collect and use their offspring because they are survivors and have excellent genetic composition. We hope that in time the offspring we’ve planted and offer to the customer grow to become historical Live Oaks and members of the Live Oak Society. We also conduct Memorial Tree Plantings. We can arrange for the planting of trees for various events, such as births, weddings, deaths, birthdays, family reunions and other special occasions. Plaques that commemorate the event can be obtained as well as the story of the heritage of the tree planted (depending upon tree and species chosen for planting). We can assist you in the planning for your large trees, You can either come to our the Tree Arboretum in Church Point or meet on your property. We can look at your property, plans or pictures and provide suggestions as to what trees to plant and in what location. The right tree in the right situation can give you much-needed shade in the summer, a screening of an unpleasant view and an ornamental specimen planting to add beauty and value to your home.

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