WE BELIEVE in the divine inspiration of all the books of the Old and New Testaments, as originally given. WE BELIEVE in the triune Godhead – one eternal, transcendent, omnipotent, and personal God existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. WE BELIEVE in the special creation of the existing space-time universe and all its basic systems and kinds of organisms in the six designated time frames of the creation week. WE BELIEVE in the biblical record of the literal existence of Adam and Eve as the progenitors of all people, the literal Fall and resultant divine curse on the creation. WE BELIEVE that God the Father, the first person of the Divine Trinity, in infinite spirit is sovereign, eternal, and unchangeable in all His attributes. He is worthy of honor, adoration, and obedience. WE BELIEVE in the perfect, sinless humanity and the absolute full deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and His unique incarnation by miraculous conception and virgin birth. WE BELIEVE in the substitutionary atonement and redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the sin of the world, through His literal physical death, burial, and resurrection, followed by His bodily ascension into heaven. WE BELIEVE in personal salvation from the eternal penalty of sin provided solely by the grace of God on the basis of the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to be received through personal faith. WE BELIEVE that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead who convicts, regenerates, indwells, and seals all believers in Christ and fills those who yield to Him. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to all believers; however, the manifestation of any particular gift is not required as evidence of salvation. WE BELIEVE in the existence of a personal, malignant being, called Satan, who acts as a tempter and accuser, for whom the place of eternal punishment was prepared. WE BELIEVE in the future, personal, bodily return of Jesus Christ to the earth to judge and purge sin, to establish His eternal Kingdom and to consummate and fulfill His purposes in the works of creation and redemption with eternal rewards and punishments. WE BELIEVE in the priesthood of all believers, so that every Christian has direct access to God in prayer through Jesus Christ, our Great High Priest, and that there is no mediator between God and humanity other than Jesus Christ. WE BELIEVE that there is no gender in the spirit, therefore no discrimination as to holding office. WE BELIEVE that a Christian can have indwelling, oppressive, demonic spirits and a right to deliverance as “the children’s bread” from heaven. WE BELIEVE that the Sabbath Day is not a designated day of the week, but one, set aside, Holy Day. We celebrate the Sabbath Day on Sunday as one in seven days. WE BELIEVE in Divine Intervention, Miracles, and Divine Healing.

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