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Episcopal School of Acadiana is a coeducational day school of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana for students in grades PreK-3 through 12. The Lower School, serving students in PreK-3 through fifth grades, is located in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

The ESA Experience is much bigger than you or I could ever put into words. It’s the feeling on the first day of school; it’s the smell of sugarcane burning; it’s the quiet walk to chapel, or the awesome run at morning practice, the one with the sun rising and the fog hovering over the dew covered practice fields. It’s the outdoor coffeehouse performance of an 8th grader playing a piece by Beethoven. It’s knowing you’ve been prepared. Prepared for the woods, the interview, the choices you will be faced with in life. It’s the hugs you are given, or the tears you will shed. We all feel it. And that is permanent to anyone who has ever been a part of it.